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I've found it!

Something more annoying than the boy scout advancement website.

It's the girl scout event registration website.

Carry on.

unfair :D

I disappear for 2 months and other people suddenly start posting?

Hopefully there's no correlation.


I used to think the google site interface to GoDaddy was ugly.

Now I know, GoDaddy is worse. Waah.

Happy new year

stuff. :D

Can't waaaait

Is it Thanksgiving break yet?

Interesting walk around the neighborhood

At least one of my neighbors has painted most of their house in one of the 'trim' colors, and their trim in the 'base' color. It looks really nice, actually.

I don't know if we could get away with it though, because they have a brown roof so their designated colors are all earth-tone. We have a blue roof so our designated trim colors are greens and blues.

Total throwback...in my brain

I was trying on pants (not my favorite thing to do) at Old Navy today. I had 2 sizes. The 14 was too small and the 16 was falling off. I dropped them off to the young woman monitoring the dressing room. "How did those work for you?" she asked, in her most earnest voice. I told her that I'm between the sizes--neither of them fit.
"Hmmm..." she said. Then she looked up at me. "Did you try them with a belt?" she offered.

I was just waiting for her to say.."Did you cinch 'em?"

And so it begins...

Rocky is wearing my cleats for soccer.

The child is NINE.

We're going to have to make the doorways taller before he hits his teens.

The group thing--it's all about the math

We're doing a group tie-dye project for scouts. I've found it's a great opportunity for Rocky to practice his math.

We have X adult t-shirts for which we need Y oz. of liquid dye per shirt.
Z kids t-shirts, which require Y-1 oz. of liquid dye per shirt.

How many liquid ounces do we need?

If we have 3 colors of dye and want an equal amount of each color, how many ounces of each color do we need?

Here's where it gets confusing. To mix the dye properly you need A ounces by weight of dye for each B ounces of dye by volume. The ounces-weight vs. ounces-water thing really throws him off. I guess we could do it in metric.

So.. A oz (wt.) of dye powder + C oz. (volume) of urea for every B oz. (volume) of liquid dye mix: how much dye powder and urea do we need for each color?

We need to have the shirts dyed, rested, washed and dried by 6:00 PM Tuesday.

We can fold 4 shirts at a time, at 10 minutes per shirt.
We can soak 8 shirts at a time, each shirt must soak for 5 minutes.
We can dye 4 shirts at a time, at 10 minutes per shirt.
Each shirt must rest for at least 8 hours before rinsing.
We can rinse 3 shirts at a time, at 5 minutes per rinse.
We can launder 10 shirts at a time, at 40 minutes per load.
We can dry 8 shirts at a time in the dryer, at 60 minutes per load.
We can also dry 6 shirts at a time on the line, at 4 hours per shirt.

I am not ironing shirts. Forget it.

What is the absolute latest time we can start dyeing shirts and still finish on time?

He's kind of excited about his "real-world" story problems. :D

Nov. 7th, 2009

Poll #1482117 What should I do for my birthday?

What should I do for my 37th birthday?

Host a Boggle tournament
Tie-dye party
Railroad games party (Railroad Tycoon, Ticket To Ride, etc..)
Holiday cookie exchange
Take the Polar Express (since the kids ARE getting older!! but we don't have reservations yet so this is probably off the table)
go out to eat, I have a Fox gift cert already
Boot Mike and the kids out of the house for the day
Get a massage and a pedicure
Take a nap...